Art will be featured in Austria, Spain and Italy this year. Visit me at PB&J Festival at Mauldin, SC, USA in May 2021!


Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Contemporary Original artworks available! Selected artworks are available to purchase as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more!

About Snehal!

Snehal Bogar I am passionate to create Fresh abstract artworks to lift up mood and bring optimism. I love playing with flexibility which comes with fluid art technique with a sense of control to achieve desired outcome.

Being an Indian origin artist, I am coming from a background where I learnt to live frugally, within boundaries of available resources. It also helped me to be curious and find answers to common concerns. This might be a reason my artwork tries to reflect various social issues to increase awareness.

A sense of control and usage of limited number of colors are used to shape my thoughts and imagination in the form of an artwork. I believe, my artworks depict my story of finding the right balance between logic versus emotion, reality versus perception, and cognitive flexibility versus control.

Acrylic mediums, inks are the means to bring flexibility, whereas use of various textures, nature inspired patterns or geometric shapes reminisce control. This combination orchestrates defined emotions of completeness, optimism from a distance and delicate movements up close.

Instagram- @Bluleady_Arts